Shop settings

In this section, you set the settings of your online store, which the customer sees.

In order to change shop settings:

1) Go to general settings on the main panel

2) Choose shop settings on the list

Site language:

By default, it is set to the language selected during registration, but you can change it to serve the offer in the language ideal for your location.


The title of the page that appears in the header, name the page; for example, Online courses


A short, 300-character description of your offer that best reflects the spirit of your online store


Words that best describe your offer.


An avatar that will be displayed as an icon for your store. Enter it in a square size, preferably in 1024x1024 resolution.


An important aspect of your business is the logotype of your business. It must be horizontal, a minimum of 500x100 pixels. If it is bigger it will not be a problem, it is important to keep the proportions.


If you do not enter the logo, the name of the store will be displayed instead.