In the orders tab, you will find information about all orders flowing from your website. You can also manually add an order

The order list contains all the necessary information required to process them. To view a specific order, click "details" to see what the customer has ordered. The details will be added here automatically when someone places the order from your page. Depending on your system settings the system can allow or disallow people from placing the order.

Every single order coming to the system has a "New" status which is informing you that the order came up to the system and nobody touched it. When you pick up the order you should change the status to "In preparation" 


Change of the status results in sending relevant information to the client. He/She will receive a notification about the change of status and order performance.

Payment Status

The payment status determines whether the order has been paid or not depending on which payment option the customer has chosen.

Payment channels can be changed! For example, if the customer has chosen Stripe but for some reason decided to pay in cash Instead; you can change the payment method for them to another channel.


In the case of automatic payment channels such as Stripe, these statuses are changed AUTOMATICALLY after the payment system receives information about the change of status to positive (or rejected). If the order with the selected electronic payment has not changed its status to paid, it means that payment confirmation has not yet arrived.